Time-Saving Moving Tips in Hampton Roads

Save these tips for your next move.

Moving can be a big headache. Use our time-saving moving tips below and call Absolute Moving Company today to make your next big move smooth!


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Call Absolute Moving Company.

Call Absolute Moving Company to schedule a time for them to review the contents of your home or office and provide a comprehensive quote on a stress-free move- no hidden fees or unexpected charges. You can also hire us by the hour, if you prefer. After that, these next moving tips will be a breeze!


Make a “First Night” Box.

Designate a “First Night” box filled with bed linens and items you’ll need to sleep the first night in your new home.


Seal boxes securely.

Seal boxes on the top & bottom with tape to avoid damage.


Put heavy items in smaller boxes

Putting heavy items in smaller boxes is more managable, while lighter items can go in larger boxes.


Properly pack pictures.

Wrap pictures and have them boxed & sealed. Arrange together by size.


Stack your lampshades.

Stack lampshades inside each other and box them. This prevents any punctures or damage to their delicate structure.


Pack your books tightly

Books should be packed tightly in small sealed boxes.


Leave clothing in the dresser drawers.

Clothing may be left in small dresser drawers. Medium/Large dressers need to be emptied. Hanging clothes should be boxed in wardrobe boxes. We cannot move clothes unless they’re boxed.


Secure your clocks

Remove pendulums from clocks or have them secured tightly to the base of the clock. Wrap and pack small clocks in boxes.


Clean out your fridge and pantry.

Dispose of any food that may spill or spoil on the way to your new place.


Clear your fridge

Have refrigerators and freezers empty (food, shelves, pans, trays) when movers arrive.


Disconnect Major Appliances

Have gas stoves and dryers disconnected. Be sure gas lines are shut off tightly & capped. Pack any loose parts separately in a place you will remember.


Keep Fragile things safe

Have all fragile articles packed and secured separately in durable boxes.


Pack kitchen goods properly

Have all kitchen utensils, pots, and pans clean and packed in boxes.


Drain Oil and Gas

Drain all oil and gas from lawn mowers and any other gas-powered tools. We will not move flammable aerosol cans, paints, thinners, guns, ammunition, or hazardous materials.


Keep track of valuables

Keep all valuables & irreplaceables (jewelry, watches, money, expensive artwork, legal documents, etc.) in your immediate possession and move them in your own vehicle.


Bag your cushions

Have light colored cushions (couch, loveseat chair) bagged. Shrink-wrapping is available as an extra option.


Disassemble Furniture

If you are not hiring Absolute Moving Company to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, please have this taken care of before we arrive.


Pack electronics properly

All pictures, table lamps, computers, VCRs, stereo equipment or other fragile items must be packed properly in boxes for moving. We are unable to transport them otherwise.



One of the BEST moving tips we can give you is to RELAX and watch the professional team from Absolute Moving Company make your next move easy.

Jeff Burdick & Rick Taylor

Owners of Absolute Moving Company.